My journey begins

What makes mý blog different than the rest?I’m not better,because every blog I looked into,to gain more knowledge, had something that I could learn from.Some have more or less the same idea,but they’re still individuals.I’m not computer literate and I don’t have a degree…but I believe in myself and I don’t give up.I struggled,but through trial and failure,I successfully installed my email.I enjoy being a local tour guide,for Google.As a former nurse,it gives me that sense of giving a service,to those who depend on my opinion.The same with Qora.Sometimes I can only wonder,why some people ask a question,they can easily look up,but when I get upvote after upvote,on my answer,for that seemingly “stupid” question,it stirs that feeling of accomplishment, deep inside me.That feeling one get,when you do something,you hope will help and it actually does!!

It’s 00H01,on the 1st of January 2020 and I’m reaching a major goal in my life…I’m actually starting my journey,in a way never thought be possible,for me. To get to know more about the internet,social media and how to create,my own personal website and spaces.Others may see it as “so yestersay”but to start this blog,is another milestone,I need to do.

A bit about myself.. I’m a mother of 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren.I’m married to my 3rd husband, after I divorced my eldest 3 children’s deadbeat excuse for a father and abuser,just short of a 5 year marriage.The 2nd husband and father to my youngest daughter,died just before our 5 year anniversary.I had to end my 30+year nursing career,due to ill health.My current husband,in the ambulance service,was the best that could ever have happened,to me and my children and I sometimes wonder,why I had to go through all my hell,before I met and married him.

It all started,through the courtesy of a search engine we can’t live out anymore. Google.Only they will know why they invited me,to do ratings and reviews for them.I was very uncertain,as I couldn’t even communicate in a social media platform,like Facebook and Twitter was way out of my league.Then Qora invited me to join,their platform and after a few hick-ups

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