My own rules,to keep me on the right track and to make sure,I have my end goal in sight:To make a success of my blog/site and to try my hand at freelance writing.

It’s much harder,as it’s a whole new ball game-(“explore”)than I originally thought,but I’m àlways up for a worthy”challenge”won’t and can’t give up-“persevere”to reach my ultimate goal” success”

This is exactly what keeps me up all night…I can’t put my phone down,because I knòw,I still have a vèry long way to go.It’s not easy,when one live on the rural countryside,like I do.We have limited resources and if you find someone,to help you,you’ll know how to pay….what happened,to people helping each other study,or drive club,to help each other save money?I know I’m starting,at a time in my life,other people dream of retirement and traveling the world.I’m far behind on my dreams and sometimes,I have to have,more than one wish a day,to let me get to my goal,early enough to still enjoy.

I have a wish a day and sometimes more…they don’t come true immediately and definitely not for free…I don’t mind,because I have a privilege above my generation….Google,Duck Duck go and please remember,the friendly team members of WordPress.

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