I just don’t know why,my time is passing by,so quickly.

Hubby is working nightshift again and my grandson went home last weekend already.The house is way too quiet…

Luckely I’m totally uninformed,when it comes to Blogging and Websites.This means long hours,researching internet terms and weird words….

It’s already 02H45,agàin!Still trying to figure out,how precìsely this “blog/site story works.I was actually getting helpful clues and close to pulling a few strings together,last night already.I wanted to try and finish some important points,to start a” worthy”Blog today.Well,what do you know…I had to upgrade this afternoon and thàt confused me again.I read and asked sò many questions and answers,on Google and WordPress itself,already.It’s much harder for me,as I don’t know all these weird names,things on blogs and sites are called.Why give it a difficult name,if the task is much easier,after you found a different name,explaining a easy way,I perfectly understand.It’s unbelievable how many hours,I spent on Google,to explain something like a “widget” to me.If the actions are named in “normal”English,even an uninformed,Afrikaans speaking person like me,will get it,with the speed of white lightning!!Call it by the English!!name,so more people like me,will be able to make use,of Blogs and Websites.

Fortunately,I believe in completing a project and not giving up…Success won’t walk up to you and tap you on the shoulder….hard work pays off and it symply means I hàve to learn more about “the lingo”

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