I had so many things to do yesterday and most of it involved my new best friend,Android Mobile and his old friend,Internet(connection is key!!)

I was still vèry drowsy,when I woke up for my first,early morning medication,yesterday.Due to hubby’s sixth and seventh day’s nightshifts,I’m having trouble to sleep at night.It has it’s pro’s,of course;cheaper cell tariffs ànd the night goes by,in the blink of the eye.The con’s of course;swear I look much older,than my age and I’m sure,I have a lòt more wrinkles,than only a year ago.

You see,the moment I open my phone,a million new challenges awaits me.It’s more than just information…it’s amazing.I can’t do only one task at a time,because I’m so new to this,I constantly have to research,new options and actions.Just to be able,to do something that seems so normal and totally obvious to others,takes a lot of time and back and forth confirming and changing information.It’s like the movie I saw,about the girl,that can only remember what happens during the day,until she goes to sleep at night and when she wakes up in the morning,she can’t remember a thing about the previous days…I can remember about yesterday,but the moment I go into my phone,there are so many new updates, upgrades and options for improvement.I just can’t get ahead,being so far behind,already…

That aside,back to the origal reason,for thìs story.As I said,I got up,took my medication and immediately opened up my phone.Hàve to mention,that I’m so eager to get the usual “hi and bye”behind me,as it takes up a lòt of time.I do it,because I love my friends and family and appreciate them caring for me.Still,all of them,even my children are so far ahead, regarding computer literacy.It simply means,that I have to work sò much harder,to only learn a minute part,of what àll of them already know….oh boy… back to the story…

So I immediately grabbed my phone,did the “hi and bye’s”and began reading my other messages on F/b,Instagram,Twitter,answered a question on Qora,pinned some ideas on Pinterest,Updated my contributions on Google(local tour guide)…Then onto all the emails.Most of them subscriptions,on how to do this and that better.I haven’t found the WordPress Theme,that I feel suited my needs yet and wanted to change my menus,learn about how the catagories,pages ànd,and worked.What helped me a lot,was the easy way,I could see a live example,of how my site would look,before I install it…The worst part for me?Even the “for beginners” is something I have to “study” in debth.Each step,that seems so “part of the daily routine” to others,is taking me back to Google,again and again.So I had the new Theme,but still had sò much to do and I was checking and reordering the “widgets”and what not….

The weather acted up and the rain fell so hard,that on the roof,it sounded like a hailstones.It didn’t bother us,because our fruit trees are past their season.We despiratly needed the rain and even my one dog,usually scared to death,of thunderstorms seemed content with it.Then,a hard earpiercing and flashing lightning struck….followed by a deadly silence…that included our signal..GONE!!No Internet,no calls,no quickly “let’s check on Google “NOTHING!!It even affected my husband,whom I’m sorry to say,I’m still struggling with,to teach the wonders of modern technology,in the palm of your hand and at your fingertips,like I experienced thus far.

Not that thunderstorms and white lightning aren’t extremely dangerous,but to think,that a single struck by nature,took us back to that “unable” state we were so used to.We didn’t like it at all and to not get my 24/7/365 fix,nearly drove me insane,let alone my poor husband.How did our ancestors do it?I don’t think,nò,I knòw I’ll ever be able,to go without this privilege again….We went back in time,for less than a day,but I’m certainly glad,it wasn’t just a dream,that only lasted for the day,to be repeated again tomorrow.I’m back on line!!

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