I’m at that time of night(day)again,where I had difficulty in waiting,to tell you about my latest personal “brainteaser”

I got up yesterday and decided,that my husband(by now,after nearly a quarter of a century’s learning,on how to become a wonderful cook,with a sense of wonderful flavor)should sit back for a change and that it’s my turn to spoil him a bit.Not that it’s what he’d want,at all!He enjoys being behind the pots and pans.He is so at ease in the(not mine alone anymore)kitchen cooking,that I,after about 40 years of cooking and baking,have to ask hìm,to taste if my food had enough salt/flavor/.It was one of those days again, yesterday…

Well,I knew what I was going to prepare and got everything out of the deep freeze,peeled the potatoes and left it in some saltwater.Then all of a sudden,out of the blue,we had a rainshower.It was apon us so suddenly,that it caught my one old boy dog, àlways basking in the sun, this time of day,totally off guard.He rushed inside and shook water all over the place.His buddy,usually not far from the front door(protecting me)nearly reached the door in time,but had to run through the water and into the house…everything ready to start with the floors,when this happened and decided there and then to do all àfter my(supposed to) “quick” afternoon nap.I woke up,way later that intended and hot out of bed,with a bang!!Where to start what….Okay so I got up,get in the kitchen and realized that I have to light the gas bottle by myself!!!I’m sò scared of gas(*have already started on something about this,for later)I eventually lit the gas stove,with a vèry wobbly hand and shaky sweaty fingers,around the lighter,after I peeled and chopped some garlic and onion and fried it,with some chilli flakes,extra hot curry powder and other goodies.Then added the meat and seared it well,poured water and put on a simmer… I then picked up èverything from the floors,mats,shoes,dustbins ….You can’t believe,how much stuff there rèàlly are all over,the moment you decide to pick it up… Bend down,and pick up,in the bag,down,pick up,in the bag,repeat(good excercise,if you take my speed on consideration)grabbed my broom and swept the floors,while trying to keep the dogs at bay.Grabbed the floormop and started washing the floors,

but remembered the meat,left everything and went to the kitchen.Peeled some carrots,chopped roughly and add it to the meat.Back to the floors.Telephone call. Answered too late and called back…not available,back to the floors.Washed it eventually and then it hit me,that I totally forgot a friends birthday.Took my phone,jump from app to app,to create a beautiful pop-up birthday card and send it…an hour later!!!Back to the kitchen…roughly chopped the potatoes and add it to the meat.Got the brown rice out and on the stove.Time for the Floor Wizz,to polish the floors….dog paw prints àll over the tiles.Email on my phone went off.It’s a invite,to my online surveys. If I don’t do it immediately,the next person will get it,as only the first fifty people get the opportunity,to participate….Wash floors again and by now there is no wind,to dry the floors.Lock the dogs in the room,check on the meat stew and rice.Polish the floors and put mats and rest back,where it should be.Then hubby arrived home and he had to test my food,as àlways
and I had to constantly tell him to leave my pots alone.He just couldn’t stand by and watch me,so he stirred here and checked there….
We ate late,but not later than usual and he finished his whole plate of food.It was reward enough for me!!!
If I decided the day before,to prioritize and do my chores,like doctors have appointment books.I could write my tasks down and try to follow the “timing” rule…
Here I was tonight,not rèàlly having time,to do my Word crossy,Weekend Super Challenge and it ended at midnight.So I had about twenty minutes to try and get a higher score,before the challenge closes,until next weekend.I set my priority, as to do my “Daily’s” actually daily,but if I finished my post first,I could’ve been kicked out,of the championship,but I have twenty three hours to publish my Daily.
I don’t think I’ll “prioritize and the difference between priority and urgent?Treat it like a” first come first serve”attitude….exept of course the “first priority”….or of utmost urgency…

Did reach sixth place through it all though!!!