I just couldn’t bring myself,to do this specìfic daily,but even though it’s not pleasant ànd I don’t rèàlly want to go there,it’s something I just hàve to address…..

It àll started about fourteen  or so,years ago…

  My eldest son(turning 39 in July)and youngest daughter(turning 30 on December)were still staying with us.My daughter,as she was a pupil and my son….well,we liked having him around.He had a heartache/break or two, which broke our hearts as well,but aside from that,he was(still is)a vèry nice,bubbly,caring person,to have around.Àlways ready to help with anything,vèry respectful, loyal,hardworking and good mannered.My daughter was a little rebelious,at that stage(*)
It was at precisely at a time,in my son’s life,where he was in constant contact with the public…
This was exactly,when he saw an advert,that changed our family’s lives forever….
  When we received an anxious “please call me” from my son,we knew something was wrong,vèry wrong.We got in the car(still remembered by the older citizens of our community,as “Kalahari Ferrari”)roughly translated to English,meaning something like a “fast car in the Karoo”….Otherwise,seriously only because it was,a beautiful red 1987,two door Ford Laser,that looked funky with it’s naughty new “wider running shoes”I had a sticker made,especially for this” hunk”
  When we got to my son’s job(yes we can stìll do this,in our rural towns,in South Africa)…He didn’t say anything at first,but reached out from under his workstation and pulled out a picture…he had a sad and disturbed look on his face and I could see in his eyes,that he is seriously praying for us,to understand….again…!
  We took the photo,turned it around and saw a beautiful little pup…resembling a Sharpei.Full of wrinkles(I like to say “not ironed”)
He knew that I didn’t want anymore dogs(as àll my pets until nòw)were strays,unwanted, abused,bound to be “humainly euthanized”pets(*)
I could hear the urgence in his voice,when he explained…
  Thìs pup,a Sharpei-Pitbul -mix,was purily bred,for fighting….to death!Thìs pup,was supposedly,the last of the litter and at that,a male(stud/dog..)I don’t take in bitches,because of potential trouble,with the neighborhood dogs,the expenses to sterilize them ànd the mess,when they’re in heat.(*)
  The owners told us,that the ònly two left,at their house,were already paid for and that the buyers would fetch them,when they reach the age,of between six,to eight weeks.As we were about to turn around and walk away,a jùst over the 5 week old,cheeky little guy came to the door and when we saw him,we were hooked,immediately!The owners wouldn’t budge,but even though we didn’t have àny extra money,we decided to increase the price and they eventually sold him to us…as we drove away,he looked back and howled a bit,but remembering that….his sister was standing in the doorway,as we drove away…
  He is one of a kind and I know all parents say that about their babies(ugly at birth,or not)and àll pet owners,want to boast about their achievements,but this one…?Never followed “normal” dog life.Grew up in my arms,as pup and was still trying to sit on my lap,until a few months ago.He doesn’t allow àny other people in my yard, except my husband, youngest daughter and her son and my eldest son and myself.He used to catch doves and other birds and nearly killed an Adida or two…cats,mice,rats,weren’t safe!!Even moles weren’t out of reach and together the two of them,cornered a few…àll of which hè ate,but it utterly disgusted his friend and “brother in arms” He’s entangled love,for the only friend,he ever allowed to roam the yard with him.A”also senior” in a midlife crisis,nearly twelve years old,Jack Russell and Staffie mix runt.One whom we saved from euthanasia,due to the lack,of the buyers specific request.People may not like it at all,whim at the idea of us doing it,but even my four children,converted their partners,to become the animal lovers,we are and  raised our children to be(nò thanks to my memory of my parents(*))My eldest grandson(9 in May)even decided that the two dogs “looking after thèm” should have the extra bed in his room….
   This old man’s “younger” friend,is realizing that he can’t protect anymore.He doesn’t get up to go help “fight” the “enemy” anymore.Therefore he is even mòre overprotective and is constantly on the outlook.He knows that he’s best friend and leader,his mentor and leader by example,isn’t capable,to fulfill his duties anymore…Of course he’s nervous and is suddenly starting to bark that “I don’t rèàlly know why” warnings.
  My eldest brother(one of our four siblings)died alone, at home and unexpected….
  Wè know that our oldest boy dog,is deteriorating and it’s happening before our eyes… He’s still trying his best,but ohh!!!We alrèàdy know,what we can nòt except…that he’ll be gone soon….We can’t help…we can’t do it!!!We saved his best friend,from euthanasia,when he was only about 5 weeks old and looked like a rat,with spots and a long,in the air tail,like an antenna.How can we save one from dying and then help another one to die??
  Our hearts blèèd and the tears,are literally running down my cheeks,as I write this….because I don’t know,if his “sometimes so naughty,sometimes begging and sometimes ever so loving eyes and face”that tells it àll,will look us in the eye tomorrow again….😥
  Maybe tomorrow,if we wake up and he tries to hold out for us,for his friend,for just òne more day,I’ll be able to write about humor again….

(*)Already written about,but also in stories to follow…

You will àlways be my hero….LOVE YOU WAÀY TOO MUCH 💕