It was in 2018,that I was discharged,from Life St Dominic’s medical ICU,after a 6 week fight for my life.Because we don’t have the expertise and the proper means to medical treatment,I had to stay in the “granny flat”adjacent to my youngest daughter’s house.They took good care of me and motivated me,to do the things I did,before my hospitalization,like to do my most favorite thing,at thàt stage;word crossy.I struggled at first but I didn’t give up.Then I knitted bed socks,for the winter,way into the winter!!I didn’t give up.Then I started making family slideshows,which everyone enjoyed and none of them tried before.I taught myself how to create an email ànd gmail addresses. I did my first online shopping,at Takealot.
Then my fingers started to itch,to in the garden,but because of the flat,there wasn’t enough space,to make a flower bed,or vegetable patch.

   My husband brought me,everything I needed,for gardening,from our home and then we went shopping,at the local nurseries.I was like a kid,in a candy store.At last,I had the privilege,to buy more than seeds and pray they grow.We have one small nursery,in a nearby town,but with limited stock and not the plants I want.
These nurseries had so much to choose from,that it was nearly impossible,to decide what to buy.My husband and daughter enjoyed to see me so happy and eager,to do something rèàlly productive again.
I love all flowers and all flowers are beautiful and even though,certain weed flowers can be astonishing, my heart lies more with fruit trees.I always save pips,pits and seeds and even though I know some are genetically manipulated,I àlways keep trying and had a few successes.
So on this specìfic day,I concentrated mainly on fruit trees and especially those,I àlways struggled to grow…I dìd buy a tree or two,that were different varients,of the few I had at home.
Firstly,I can’t walk past a clings tone peach tree,even though I have 3 at home.Then I struggled with my fig tree,that won’t die and don’t grow,so I bought one and might as well add,that it’s the one that bares fruit up to 4 times annually.Then,I hàve a grapevine, but not at all what I wanted and what sold to me,so I bought another one.
Next was a tree we always wanted but couldn’t find nearby,so the olive was loaded on the trolley.I àlways had a love for bananas and a strong plant followed.Then I wondered about the mango tree,but took one,in any case….We already have a Eureka lemon tree,that began baring fruit about 3 years ago and because it’s specifically for extreme weather conditions,it was just right,for our harsh summers and icy cold winters.It also blooms like mad..up to 4 times per year.It is pushing out new blooms now,again and it is nearing autumn already,but I also wanted a thick peel Panderosa lemon and on the trolley it went.East London (South Africa)is favorable to lots of fruit,like the Paw-paw,Melon and of course Avocado pear.You get some the best verities,of Avo in East London.I tried to root a pit, but it only started to really grow,about 5 months after I left.So in with the avo too.We bought big pots and potting soil,gravel and feeding and the following afternoon,we planted every tree in it’s new pot,where it will be for the rest of it’s life.
My eldest brother turned 60 in October of 2018(r.i.p)and I needed my Pulmonary Specialist to confirm,my travel to Pretoria ànd for me to fly(first time in my life-more later)
I came home the week before,then we flew to my brother’s and on our return,we decided to come back,for another week,as my husband was still on leave.The week went on to 3 and after consulting with my Specialist,We packed up and I moved back home.Trees included.We looked for the best possible spots for them,more or less to the direction they faced,in East London.A month and a half later,it was too cold for them outside and they would not be able,to withstand thìs heat and definitely nòt the black frost.We knew that,when we bought the trees,but decided then already,to put them in front of the window,in the family room.After the winter last year,we took them out,to their old spots and they started growing beautifully.The grapevine sent out his crawlers and the banana rolled out healthy new leaves.The olive grew weird pale green leaves and had very small olives.Now only one olive left.The fig tree had 3 figs in the winter and was full of small figs again.
Then we got to the mango tree and I told my husband that this can’t be a mango tree,because of it’s broad leaves…. I had a funny idea what tree it was and after a search on Google,my suspicions was confirmed…it was a loquat tree,not that I mind,but it was marked wrongly..
The “Avo”tree was bending under the weight,of it’s flowers and later the countless small fruit.I was so impressed!We did it.We’re actually going to have Avos,which is impossible to do Burgersdorp!!
It was after the tree shed the excess fruit,that I got suspicious,but not convinced yet……and then I realized that my beautiful avo tree,is a fruit tree I never expected it to be,but surely don’t mind having….a tree with(now)3 healthy fruit left,hanging down heavy….from my new mango tree!!!