I was roaming through my upstairs(brain)filing cabinet,to fetch a file,from my memories to share,but as the day went by,I just couldn’t find something,that made me tingle,like with my other posts…..

Something else kept popping up and I kept thinking,that it was a stupid idea.How can you,write a full length post,based on one word.At that it can’t be fictional,as I promised,to only tell my true life experiences.

As I went back,to my memories of my life,from early childhood,I knew I can pull it off.

I remember the time,my mom was busy in the kitchen and I was thirsty.She didn’t pay any attention to me and I can only remember fractions,of what happened.I saw the bottle water under the basin,in the kitchen and I remember,that it was really bad tasting water….

Then I woke up and my mother was running,down the footpath,between the double row fruit trees.As she ran,I felt her shaking me and she screamed,for the neighbors….I woke up in the hospital.Those days,any adult person had the right,to corporal punishment,on any “naughty” children…let me rephrase that.They had the right,to give you a hiding,if thèy feel,or think,you’re naughty.I was in a babycot(crib)and in my cot,was a bottle with formula.I didn’t want it,because I was about 3 years old already and was weaned,’round about the year before.I wanted to go to the toilet,but they wouldn’t let me.I started complaining,moaning and crying….

Then I woke up again and thìs time,I was wearing a nappy.I wanted to go home,because I only got food,through baby bottle and some sort of a tube,running from my arm and burned like fire.I wanted to go home,to put on my òwn panties,but these nurses didn’t have time,to bother with me and gave me a few slaps,not only on the nappy,but on the thigh as well…..I woke up and my mother and grandmother stood over my cot.I didn’t understand any of this…

Again,I woke up…Thìs time in the car,lying on my eldest sister’s lap.I remember getting up and started swearing at the nurses,with words my father and mother shouted,at each other,so many times.Mother wanted my dad,to pull over,so she can give me a hiding.Luckely,Gran’ma, was Dad’s mother and she told them,not to stop…

I was about 5 years old,when a teacher,living in the house across from us,went to visit her next door neighbor,which was on the other side of the house,of my friend Letsi. The teacher and her husband,couldn’t have children and after years of waiting,finally got approved for adoption and they adopted a baby girl,which was now about 7 months old and crawling around,on the front porch.The teacher was standing,jùst off the porch,talking to her neighbor,when the Alsations jumped the fence,ran up to the baby,grabbed her by the throat and shook her.Before any of the woman could react,the dog let go of the baby and jumped back over the fence.The screams and shouting for help,had my mom grab me by the hand and ran with me,to where the 2 ladies stood….the teacher stood there,holding her bloody lifeless baby girl and screamed continuesly…the investigators found that it was out of jealousy,that the bitch killed the baby.See, she was the baby,since they brought her home,as a puppy.She was waiting and keeping it in and something,on thàt porch happened,that ended that poor baby’s time on earth, so untimely.Child welfare and Protection believed everything,the investigators told them,but the 2nd time,these parents wanted to adopt,they were shown the door.They moved,to another city.Mother and her friends patted and hugged and look at her,with simpathy.All they kept saying,was that “time will heal all wonds” and that they should try and adopt,in the new city.

What does a 5 year old know,about pregnancy?Well,mother was pregnant,with my youngest brother,at the time,of the incident with the dog.I  never asked,because I never thought about it,like I do now….we’ll never know,if that poor baby girl’s untimely death,was the reason,for my brother’s arrival.
I remember the old doctor,coming into the room and chased me out.The next time I saw him,he brought a big suitcase with him,told me I must go play nicely,because there’s a big surprise,in that suitcase for me.
He then went into the room and they’ve been busy for so long,that it was just about time,for my bath.As he walked out the door,he turned to me and said“go see the baby brother I brought for you, to play with”

Lòts of things were happening,before and after this part of my memories,but this is the specific timeline,I wanted to share with you,today.

TIME:is on your side,but sometimes,you don’t have any time left.Time is èvery day and night and you can’t escape from it.It might heal old wounds,but maybe by waiting too long,for something to blow over,you’re only letting it slip through your fingers.If you’re too early for an appointment you wait,but if you’re late,all the people involved are waiting for you.You can be at the right place,but at the wrong time, otherwise be at the right time,but wrong place.You get up,with time ruling your day,your life.You eat at a certain time and have to go to bed,a certain time.There is time to stress,or to relax.A time to live and a time to die.You can give a compliment at an inconvenient time and then maybe you’re in a rush and don’t have time to say”you look beautiful today” or “I love you”
If you were taught that money rules the world,you’re wrong.You can have àll the money in the world,but without time, money means nothing.If you don’t have money,there’s always time,to try and make it “big”
Money can buy you many things,but nobody and nothing,can buy TIME….

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