FEBRUARY:) Month of Love and life)

YES people!!!February…So many young ones,can’t wait for February,for more reasons than any other month,I think.It is the shortest month,out of the 12 and the only month,that has a leap year,that makes it the only month,with 29 days.

Then,of course;Valentine’s day!!People all over the world,fall in(and out of)love,every day of the month,every year.But…there isn’t a day,quite às romantic,as Valentines day.If you give a woman,a big bunch of beautiful flowers,be it roses,on any other day,it’s because you’re guilty of something.Give her a single rose(or my favorite,a carnation)on Valentines day and she’s hooked.

My(current)husband and I,have been a couple for some time,when we decided to get married.The family couldn’t wait,in any case,because they loved him,from the word go.We set a date… well we had to set a few dates,as everything went wrong,each time it looked like,”this time we’re gonna make it”Then he got a job in East London(South Africa)and I started a new job,in a private old age home.We struggled,but we were happy.The boys were in bording school and staying in the school hostel,in East London already.My eldest daughter, was grandma’s favorite,as she was the only granddaughter,named after my mother.My youngest daughter,was 5 years old and stayed behind,with her sister,at ouma’s.We visited once a month,by train.My husband’s ònly time off,was one weekend,per month,from Friday morning to Monday.We worked nightshifts and we had to return,on the Monday morning,to get some sleep,for night duty…I planned a strategy to ask hìm to get married,by organizing a banner,at the entrance of his job,on Valentines day!!But rethinkin it(I knew it wouldn’t be às special,as I intended it to be)I dropped the idea.Everybody is doing weird things,on Vday…

My new plan:Our relationship worked on a point system…I’d accumulate or deduct points,for what he did and say wrong and believe me, did I find fault!!!We were lying in the bed and I was “playing around” with my engagement ring,moving it from one finger,trying to fit it on the next.Then I took it off and just “as a matter of fact”tried to put it on his fingers,one by one,while chatting.Needless to say,it wasn’t easy to keep my pose ànd the conversation going,while trying to remember,which was the right size.During the coming days,he lost quite some points,which meant that the chances,of us getting married was becoming rèàl slim!I called my mother and told her about my plans and said,that everything showed,that we shouldn’t get married,but I’ll give it òne more chance.She’ll have to organize,with the magistrate(a friend..small,rural town remember)to marry us on the Saterday,as they don’t work over weekends and we can only get married then.He told my mother,that hè wouldn’t be in town that weekend,but that he wil swear somebody in,to marry us.The Friday morning,my friend and lift from work, quickly took me to the jewelers,where I gave the ring,to be stretched,to fit my husband to be.Very early,the Saterday morning,my mother sent my son,to go ask my mother-in-law,to come over,for an urgent matter.She told my mother in law,about everything.My husband,unaware of my life changing plan,was still fast asleep.My mother in law and I,went to the magistrate’s office,where I filled out,all the necessary documents.Meanwhile at home,my mother was getting my husband up and to see to it,that he gets dressed.She told him,that I went to help,the bride to be to get dressed and that we’re going to be witnesses,to thìs friends wedding…a friend he can’t stand,but to not lose points,he won’t easily complain,to me about it.He wasn’t happy,because he had to do something else,that he hated and that was,to wear a suit and tie.When we got to the magistrates court,we “waited” for the couple and hubby was getting agitated,really nòt in the mood.Then the lady marrying us,said she heard from my mother,that we’re planning on getting married,some time in the near future.He told her,that we mày get married,but at the rate he’s losing points,it won’t be in the near future.She told us,that it was her first time,marrying someone and that she was very nervous.Then she asked,if she can practice on us, while we waited for the bride and groom.We agreed and she started.He still rèàlly had no idea and when she reached the part of,taking this woman…..I said to him”this is for real.If you don’t really want to get married,you have to say no”at first,he thought it was a joke,but when he looked at the two mothers,they showed him the wedding rings and he knèw,this time it’s for rèàl…. He said yes and I reminded him,that it wasn’t a prank and he said“of course it’s yes,after struggling to get enough points,to get married to you, one day“Then the lady asked again and he said YES….I always told him,that after we’re married,I’ll be his “misses” and he’ll be my “sir“Our dream came true…

As we walked through the door,on our way out,I walked up behind him,slapped him on the bum and said“remember that I’m still a Mrs now,but at long last,you’re a sir”

It is nearly 24 years later…children all grown up and we have seven grandchildren.He is still the wonderful,loving,caring husband,father and now granddad.


My family was unaware,of our engagement….my mother and I told them,that shè was getting engaged.They were up in arms,about it and that’s why,all of them attended.It turned out,to be a wonderful weekend and they were all glad,that wè were on our way,to get married……

Another thing….We didn’t have a Valentine’s day wedding,but I won’t give up my “end of March, the following year” wedding day,for all the money on the world!!Song is for those,who still can fall in love,without a “special” occasion,like VDay.


  • Also see my story on gifts…to follow.