I had my doubts,about online shopping,just like I didn’t trust the next person,with my phone number


When Mobile phones,hit the rural towns in South Africa,during the beginning of the New Millennium,it was seen as “the beginning of the end
I’m not saying at àll,that the people spreading it,are wrong,but I mean,ònly give the devil what he’s due.
What’s the use,in trying to connect all dots,leading to technological freedom,when tying blame it on Satanism.

No,not going there.Don’t mix Religion,Politics and Alcohol and definitely not on my blog.

I’m trying to tell you,how difficult it was,for even close knit families,to trust each other,regarding a plain “wireless” phone,called the Mobile phone, as it was the “end of the sign of times


We still had operators “booking our calls and we were constantly interrupted,to tell us how fast the money,in the coin box was devaluation.Just an excuse to listen in,on the conversations,to make it the next big talk,of the town …


My husband’s employers, the Ambulance Service,were amongst the first,who bought the old “bricks”as the land lines,wasn’t effective,to run the service.They’d need a receptionist,just to answer the phone and write down,the name and address of the next pasient.Something I had to do,from our landline phone at home,for a year or two.


They were on duty 24/7, and then get the next week off.The other problem was,that they had to do transfers,to hospitals in larger towns,as the local hospitals were not equipped,for more than normal labor and miner injuries.
This meant,that they could be on transfer,for two hours at a time and then have to come home,to get the new information,to attend to the next call.This wasted a lot of precious time,especially on weekends,when the township taverns and shebeens were packed.


Women in labour that
waited,until the last minute,had the highest call rate,followed by assault and stabwounds.
The delay in response,could mean life or death,in premature pregnancies(some girls,as young as 13,14)and family feuds.If the police and Ambulance,didn’t respond quick enough,to defuse the situation,by getting the pasient/s to hospital,the families do “revenge attacks”
The Ambulances were equipped with long distance radios,but the satellite antennas,were too far apart and the radio quality very poor.So it was just a white elephant.


Back to phones.
Shortly after the Ambulance,in our town got the(only one)phone,the richest people in town,had the priviledge of buying a privately owned “brick”.The landline users,could now buy a mobile landline,with an electrical“base” You had to be,within the small radius,from the “base”for it to work.Yet,it was much better,than running from one side of the house,to the next,just to not get to the fixed line phone,in time.


One of our friends,(a best friend)was a manager,at a furniture retailer,at that stage.The store got new mobile phones and she asked us,to come take a look.She had one,that was a lot smaller,than the one, doing the rounds.Since my husband’s one colleague,already had a mobile phone,my husband wanted to try it out.They tried their best,to convince me,but I wouldn’t budge.I was way too scared of this “wireless telephone”We just got used to an “one-page-per-call” fax machine,at the old age home I worked.The friend went through the leaflett(more a mobile dictionary)did all the settings and off we went.Well,as time went by,it got easier.I got used to making calls and sending messages,from his phone.Then I got my 1st


I did the setting,on the “wireless landline” over the duration of a week or so and I knew I’m going to need more time,with thìs encyclopedia.After the year contract we upgraded.My husband went smaller and I got a skinnier one…He went even smaller and I got one with a camera.Nòw it was hìs turn to be amazed.He went to the last,of the smallest made(affordable,available in SA)and I went for more features.I introduced him to “mixit”but both of us,just couldn’t move on to Facebook.I started to learn how to download music,but still didn’t trust YouTube.Google was just a dream,in the making.


As the years passed me by, I saw;big heavy televisions, made way for remote controlled and now(I’m not there yet!!)Smart TV’s.Cars can park themselves and humans are manufacting 3D teeth.

Through the years,as something new saw the day of light,the “Prophets of Doom” announced the “end of times,for mankind”

Yes,at the pace modern technology is developing nòw,it will most probably become true.

Do I want to live in the 16th century?No,because Kings,had the same “mentality” as today’s Presidents and Ministers.They had to show their powers,by going into war,using innocent men and woman,to fight against other innocent women and men,in the name of your country.Most of the time, leaving orphaned children and dependt parents behind.Why do they have to try and gain power,in another country?Why are they making sure,that the preachings,of the “Prophets of Doom” can be fulfilled?


Would I want to go back,to the 60’s?No,because life wasn’t that great,in the 60’s,as I heard it from my parents and older siblings.Presidents had the time of their lives and the poor got even poorer.

The 90’s maybe?No,because things seemed to hover…nothing really major developed.It was as if,nobody had any new ideas(not taking the rèàl big,behind the scenes stuff,into consideration)People became more secretive,as the “enemies”flooded the markets and fighting for a first place,in the corporate world.More mobile companies emerged.Music was more diverse and had a vast variety,of different music cultures.
Life in South Africa was(and is still even less, now)anything but safe,with bombings all over,killing a lot of innocent people,on both sides,irrespective of the fact,that Madiba was a free man,at last ….


Back to 2000?No!The year 1999,see the” Prophets of Doom”rising with all their might!!”Prepare” The end is near!!!Some of us,were rèàlly getting tired,of hearing thìs constant warnings.I mean,I was in grade 7,when my sister had her 1st “run-in” with Christianity.This,at a time, where I had no clue,what the Preachers were trying to teach us, she was telling me about future religious wars.

1999;This time,the “Prophets”even had mè worried.It wàs the end of a day,a week,a month,a year,decade,century,but also something,that won’t happen,for another 1000 years;The end of a millennium.See,the “Prophets” decided that the song by Queen,”A kind of magic” was something,to not take too light hearted….It was that one line “The Wrath,that lasts a thousand years,will soon be gone” that had everybody up in arms…at last,I gave in!I withdrew my money from the bank,because we would not be able,to do any electronic purchases.We went to a Mass Market and I bought a lòt of stock,to last at least 4 months.
Then on the 31st of December 1999,I prayed,like never before and we waited and braced ourselves,for the clock to strike,that 1st second past midnight…..Nothing,until today.

THE 80’s

decade?I’d go back to the late 80’s,when anything was “okay”and everything was in the middle.No nèw war’s,except the endless one,againts apartheid(and nòw post-partheid)that was still going on,in South Africa.Everybody tolerate each other and it was the happiest and safest time in my life,I ever felt.As a woman,I could walk alone,at any time of night,without a worry of being assaulted,abducted or raped.Music was at it’s peak.Yes,all artists,from each decade,had sòme impact,but the 80’s stuck with more people.My children just love music,up until then.They have newer likes,but not as much.
Things were more affordable.If you got a cheaper version,of the expensive original one,it was still of quality.


2020?Sounds like a line out of a Sci-fi movie.Well,we might just as well be living in one.The modern technology, is giving “Prophets of Doom” a new motivation,to preach….
Robotic limbs,robots resembling humans,filling the jobs,of an already hugely unemployed human race.Barcode implants,to let you walk past paypoints,without lifting a finger.The new “Smart” bank cards.Google and other companies gathering your personal information….


I only had enough guts and motivation,to get my licence,at the age of 40,but like woman in thousands of countries,I have it.We have thousands of shops to visit and hundreds of Malls, which includes a variety of clothing stores.Through determination and the revolting of women before me,we got the right to vote.Woman became Prime Ministers and are part of the caucuses and decisions making,in parliament.They are employed in jobs,originally meant for men.


UNFORTUANITELY,I’m a “new age girl” (please not including the mockery called “new age” and modern “country”)I don’t know thàt much,about all these modern technology and I’m still vèry scared,of moving on to the “SMART” of smart Television..but I am the opposite of women in some countries,I’m not going out to shop,I shop online and I don’t drive anymore,more due my illness,but also because I don’t rèàlly need to anymore and other also don’t nèèd to,because we can order “Uber”.I can buy clothes ànd we can order food online.Let Google gather information…it’s only benifitting me,because they can cater to my exact needs.


We knòw the “end of time” is closing in on us,but I’ve been waiting,since my teenage years,for the world to end….

I’m not ashamed òr scared,to talk about my religious beliefs(not mixing, remember?)
BUT…do I rèàlly have to stay behind on technology,because of the seeds of doubt,that’s been planted years ago?

If it wasn’t for that,maybe I would’ve bought that first mobile phone…I would’ve bought that new Satellite decoder,not being afraid,of how to use it.Maybe bought my first laptop,when other people my age started moving ahead?


Chances are good,that if you’re around age, you’re not going to change,your religious beliefs,nòw….
Why associate religion with technology?If Robots are meant to rule,let it be.Why should I still,deny myself the pleasures,of the one thing,I’m so far behind on….?The one thing,the “Prophets of Doom” are waiting for,as I write this….”Robots are going to rule the world…:when?In 10 year’s time?… Well…?
The end is near(it’s been for the last 40 years)
Don’t influence others,because of yòùr own  religious insecurities,on what the future may hold and because you think Satanism is synonymous with Modern Technology….

I’m NOT giving up,my new found priviledge…

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