Why do people assume,you know everything abòùt everything,if you dare to mention something that you were afraid,would trigger the next question, in the first place…?


Let’s say,we don’t know each other and we’re introduced…”John this is Peter,the security guard at….”
Or;Anne,remember Joan, the lady working at the hospital,I told you about…?


Well,never mind the career you’re in,you’re bound to be introduced to a person, who expected more from you than just being a secretary,or a driver,or in the medical field..you’ll hàve to explain your job description,to the best of your ability….to nòt let it seems like,you definitely know a lot,but don’t want to tell.Ór that you say you are in a certain profession,but you “don’t know a thing” ……little confusing?


I hated to tell people about my nursing job.Not because I was ashamed of it,but because people have a different perspective,of exactly what my job description consist of.

It usually doesn’t take long,after the introduction,that the uneasy questions start.”
Now,since you are a nurse” or to my husband
since you’re in the ambulance service”

Don’t think these people are happy,with your answer of “I’m only a nurse remember,not a doctor”or my husband will say
I’m an Emergency Medical Technician(AEA/ILS) and not a doctor”

  • They’ll look disappointed and I’d feel “hurt” because nòw my job as a nurse, seems so useless..
It doesn’t take too long,for the 2nd question to be asked.”As a nurse,your surely familiar with…”

You must know about “this”which you don’t and feel guilty,because you’re”uninformed”
  • Next;”Okay,I know you’re not a doctor,but what would yòu do,if your children do “thìs?”
Don’t think these people will “back off”Do you answer,to the best of your ability,or shouldn’t you give an answer?
If you don’t answer,you’ll just doubt yourself and of what you’re capable of…but ìf you answer and it’s not the answer,this person already knows about and expects you to tell,she/he will make you feel inferior and doubt yourself….

People experience different illnesses,different from the next one and what if I give  an answer based on one or two cases,I came across,during my nursing career and it doesn’t apply to this person?


My elsest son and fiance,had their first baby in November last year.My
son called,to ask advice for his fiance,struggling with “Mastitis“(also known as “milk fever” in South Africa) I told him,that medical technology have grown so much,since they were babies,that she should rather get some advice from the Pharmacist,or go see the GP.
It wasn’t that I didn’t know about it,because I knew, what it was,but I never experienced it myself and felt,that it’s not the right thing to do….giving advice,on knowledge only,of the existence of the problem” but never encountered it myself.


If you don’t know anything,or too little about an illness and want to know more,don’t trust your health,or those of your family and friend’s,in the hands of somebody that is in “the medical profession” It may just as well means, that the person is a physiotherapist,or a Dentist,like I’m a nurse and my husband in The Ambulance service.None of us are qualified to give advice and treatment, outside our scope of practice.Go see your GP and if you’re still not satisfied,go to a specialist physician.If that’s not the problem,seek professional advice.


I use Google,to clear things up for me and even if Google didn’t study,to answer àll different questions,or doesn’t have a degree,it doesn’t mean that Google is giving false information.After “consulting” Google,I’ll confront my doctor with the information…..
Please,don’t let mè feel bad,for not being able,to give you the answer,you rèàlly wanted to hear.


I’m proud,to have been “just” a nurse and please,if you can’t ask your questions anywhere else,ask Google,as it turns out to be most accurate,in these instances!!
If you need to go see a doctor,do it,but don’t leave those delicate issues,in public hands,or in those of other novices.


I’m proud to be a nurse only and not a doctor.
I’m a nurse,retired in body,but nèver in mind and soul.