When(family)love and HATE collides….

This story is purily,to try and get rid,of some of the the anger,I still feel towards these two conniving women

It was in March of 2012.
For years already,we don’t buy each other presents anymore(See post on Valentines day)Our anniversary is on 30th of March and as a “GIFT”,we agreed to go visit my family,in Pretoria(South Africa)about 780 kilometres away.


My eldest grandson,about to turn two in May,were staying with us,as my daughter was going,through a messy divorce,from her abusive,cheating husband.
My eldest son took leave and joined us,on the trip,to see his uncles,aunts,nephews and nieces.


We arrived on the Friday, just in in time,for my eldest brother and his girlfriend,to come home from work.They left half day,because of our visit and it was a public holiday, the following Monday.


As usual we had a(braai) BBQ,most of the time, when our family gets together.My youngest brother arrived alone,but it didn’t really bothered me, as he was “sort of” back together,with his 1st wife,which wasn’t a big favorite,the last year or so,of their marriage.


He wasn’t as talkative as usual and defitely ignored my son,whom he normally couldn’t leave alone.He went home early,before the food was ready,but said that his ex already made food.


Early the Saterday afternoon,the family started to arrived.My eldest brother’s son and two of his friends,my sister,her daughter and fiance…


Everything went smoothly.My youngest brother arrived,but he still wasn’t overly friendly.I made it off,as him probably having a hangover.


Around sunset,my brother went to pick up his ex,her daughter and fiance.My sister wasn’t in the mood,for his ex and this time they left,before the food was ready.My son was in front of the TV,waiting for my grandson,to fall asleep.He put him to bed and came outside.


At that stage my brother asked,if he could quickly see me and my husband,about something,very important.


We followed him inside and then he told us something,that turned my stomach inside out.


His stepdaughter told him,that afternoon,that my son molested,my eldest brother’s daughter,when she was staying with us,during my brother’s messy divorce.


Then he said,that his stepdaughter also implied,that my son molested hèr too,while he was working in Pretoria and staying with them,when she was in grade 6.I was furious with him and disappointed at the same time,for believing them,knowing my son and his values,but didn’t deny the possibility,that my son còuld be guilty.I mean,wè knew he wasn’t guilty,but still….I told him,that I’m definitely not,going to stir anything at that stage,because everybody had a few drinks,too many and it could end up in a messy family feud.


They didn’t stay long after that and I was tòò glad they left.The goodbyes were stiff and I didn’t wait to wave them off,like usual.
My son was asleep,at that stage and I told my eldest brother.He said,not to make anything if it,because his daughter,accused some of his friends of raping her,too.Another piece of interesting information,was that hìs daughter and my other brother’s stepdaughter,was very close friends,for the last two years,or so and I should just ignore them….I wanted to pack up and leave immediately,but couldn’t,as my grandson was asleep ànd we’ve all been drinking,way past the legal limit.


The next morning I called my sister,working at attorneys,to ask them for advice,on how to handle the whole situation.


We were just about ready to leave,when my sister arrived and she,with my eldest brother decided,that we shouldn’t punish,the TWO of thèm by returning home early.I was furious,at my younger brother and something else bothered me….Why did she wait,for us to go through all the financial expenses and until we were in Pretoria already,to tell him about it….?They’ve visited back and forth,through the years….even as adults.. None of us confronted my son,as we just knew,he was innocent.We also knew how much he’d be hurt,by hearing that his mentor and roll model, believed this(known as a) loose little flooze…We didn’t mention anything.
On our way back,to drop him off at his house,in another town,about 300 kilometres away,from where we stay,he asked us,if we also got the feeling, that my brother treated him very cool and has been very distant….we decided to tell him.He was steamingly mad and said that my brother should never,ever make contact with him again…We got a phone call from my sister.Her daughter(BLESS HER!!)called both her nieces and asked what had happened.Each had their own recall,of the “occurrence”.She told them,that she’s sad and feel discriminated against and that she’s highly disappointed in my son,as he had so many chances,to molest her and he never took the chance!!What was wrong with her?
Then,my brother’s daughter did something,she should never even have considered…she accused my husband,of molesting her too!!!I got their numbers from my sister’s daughter and sent each a voice note,telling them,that we’re gaining legal advice and that we’re suing,for all it’s worth.I blocked their numbers and deleted them.It wasn’t a week later,that my youngest brother’s stepdaughter came clean….
She was pregnant and both of them were unemployed.My brother’s daughter,came up with the idea,but they should’ve rehearsed better.The stepdaughter didn’t have the guts,to go through with it.
My eldest brother told his daughter,to never contact him again,if she didn’t call me,my husband and my son and apologized.She told him a few times,that she did,but he’d call me and ask about it…of course that psychopathic perfidious woman lied… and of course he knew it….Her father died,on the 6th of January,this year and they didn’t make peace.He couldn’t bond with his grandson,because not only is he the mirror image,of his mother,but he also have the same(and lack of proper)manners ànd he lied just as much….

Like lightning,these shrewd women hit the target,that seemed like the easiest and most defenseless…

Things were patched up in the family,but (thank God)my brother broke off the relationship,with his ex and his stepdaughter,at that stage.I’ll never forgive those two,for nearly destroying my family,with their vicious untrue games.Sorry but I can’t help myself… I’m usually a vèry forgiving person….